Thursday, May 19, 2011


Planetary Datafax: Lava

Class: Semi-inhabitable moon, Satellite of Ezochi (Rotation - 43 standard hours, 0.3G, Mass - 0.002 TM)

Designation: Ice World

Population: Human-imperial, 10,000 estimated

Tithe Grade: Solutio Tertius

Climate/Geography/Biosphere: Atmosphere - Lava's atmosphere is comprised of enough oxygen to support human life, yet the moon resides outside Malina's habitability range, resulting in temperatures that are never above freezing outside of man-made habitations. Those same temperatures keep Lava devoid of any naturally occurring flora and fauna. All food sources are imported from Kintaro. The earth below the layers of ice on Lava are rich in many minerals and natural gasses, which are mined and collected, and then sent throughout the Imperium. Many of these minerals are highly radioactive, making the mining of them a tenuous process.

Governmental Type: Appointed Governor-Warden

Planetary Governor: Governor-Warden Dai Kobushi

Adept Presence: None

Military: Imperial Garrison comprising the 31st Amarok regiment.

Trade/Economy/Notes: Lava produces materials used in production on Amarok. However, the radioactive nature of many of the minerals mined on world has slowly forced the labor to be made up of various prisoners throughout the Malina System, as there are very few who would volunteer for this work. The relatively high crime rate on Amarok coupled with the relatively high rate of death in the mines provides a work force that is constantly turning over. The small security force that was originally deployed with the convicts was quickly overrun, resulting is mass rioting. Governor-Warden Dai Kobushi requested more experienced units for security, and the 31st Amarok was sent, on the condition they were fitted with Individual Radiation Shielding (something not afforded to the convicts working the mines).

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