Sunday, May 22, 2011


Planetary Datafax: Kusha

Class: Uninhabitable moon, Satellite of Ezochi (Rotation - 43 standard hours, 0.18G, Mass - 0.015 TM)

Designation: Dead World

Population: None

Tithe Grade: N/A

Climate/Geography/Biosphere: Atmosphere - Kusha has an atmosphere consisting mostly of sulfur dioxide, sulfur monoxide, and sodium chloride, making human habitation entirely impossible. Even if the air was breathable, Kusha is home to more than three hundred active volcanoes and a high core temperature, resulting in an ever shifting landscape of lava rivers and cooled magma.

Governmental Type: N/A

Planetary Governor: N/A

Adept Presence: N/A

Military: N/A

Trade/Economy/Notes: Kusha was not always as uninhabitable as it currently is. Originally it was near-barren rock with a minute atmosphere and little in the ways of flora and fauna. Thousands of years prior to the first human habitation in the system, Eldar from the small craftworld Gliese landed on Kusha to dispose of a chaos relic they were unable to destroy themselves. Upon sealing the artifact away, the moon underwent the volcanic changes almost immediately, rendering it the dead world that it is today.

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