Thursday, May 5, 2011


Planetary Datafax: Igaluk

Class: Semi-inhabitable moon, Satellite of New Vinton (Rotation - 54.6 standard days, 0.23G, Mass - 0.02 TM)

Designation: Dead World

Population: Human-imperial, 1000 estimated

Tithe Grade: Solutio Tertius

Climate/Geography/Biosphere: Atmosphere - None. The only geographical features are a small number of large craters that dot it. Human habitation is only possible in entirely self contained mining operations.

Governmental Type: Appointed Governor

Planetary Governor: William Morgan Shepard

Adept Presence: None

Military: None

Trade/Economy/Notes: Originally given up as entirely void of usefulness, Igaluk was found to be rich in various rare metals, so mining operations were hastily set up on world. A skeleton crew of workers is sent every six months from Amarok to live on site and maintain the various machinery for mining.

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