Friday, April 29, 2011


Planetary Datafax: Amarok

Class: Sub-Terran (Rotation - 26.4 standard hours, 1.14G, Mass - 5.1 TM)

Designation: Jungle World / Hive World

Population: Human-imperial, 25 billion estimated

Tithe Grade: Exactis Prima

Climate/Geography/Biosphere: Atmosphere - Native atmosphere is high in oxygen, allowing the existance of human life without artificial aid. The distance from its' star puts the average temperature in the high range. Coupled with high rainfall totals, a majority of the planet is covered in a think, dense forest. The forest is littered with varied flora and fauna, a majority of which are hostile, not to mention larger than analogous species from other planets. Hive cities are frequently fighting the encroachment of the native species. The forest becomes a secondary food source (the primary being that which comes from Kintaro), because very little is needed to be treated once hunted/scavenged.

Governmental Type: Unitary Republic. One Planetary Governor reigns over the planet, delegating tasks to the administrators of each hive. The position of Governor is generally passed along hereditary lines.

Planetary Governor: Michal Dubcek

Adept Presence: Departmento Munitorum, Adeptus Arbites, Inquisitorial Garrison and Inquiry Task Force: Overall Command-Inquisitor Calia Hrendeux, Ordo Hereticus

Military: Imperial Garrison comprising 5th, 8th, 14th, 19th, 21st, 29th and 30th Amarok Regiments. Each regiment is assigned duty to a hive city between deployments/recruiting/conscription.

Trade/Economy/Notes: Building of the seven hive cities (Hotei, Juroj, Fukur, Bisha, Benten, Daikoku, Ebisu) began in M36, further population began in M37, and construction is ongoing. The lowest layers of each hive are designed for mining further and further into Amarok for materials that are moved to other lower layers for production, and eventually shipped off world as part of the tithe. As with most hives, the levels above the production areas are rife with gangs, crime, famine, and lack of power. It is not uncommon for the Adeptus Arbites to purge lower levels of the hives and anyone else found in various holding cells. Those in the upper levels reap the benefits of the hives high production, and are generally rewarded well by the Planetary Governor when quotas are met.

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