Friday, June 10, 2011

Hive Fleet Tizheruk

Hive Fleet Tizheruk is the name given to one of the small splinter fleets that made up Hive Fleet Kraken. Arriving in the sector at the tail end of Kraken's reign of terror, Tizheruk hovered on the outside of the main path taken by Kraken. The Hive Fleet eluded detection for quite some time, owing to its propensity to attack planets and systems with very limited communications resources. Tizheruk’s first contact with Imperial forces came about by chance. The Falcon Guard Space Marine Chapter (alongside numerous Amarok Imperial Guard Regiments) was hunting down remnants of Hive Fleet Kraken on Devlan III, to the galactic west of Okassis, when Hive Fleet Tizheruk appeared in system. A fierce battle erupted on the planet, as well as in the skies above. The Falcon Guard emerged victorious, noting that this had been one of the easier battles with the Tyranids they had faced since Hive Fleet Kraken had begun. Finishing their mop up duty on Devlan III, the Falcon Guard and Amarok Regiments moved on to pursue other Tyranid targets, assuming Hive Fleet Tizheruk had been dealt with.

This was not the case. What the Falcon Guard could not know was that this was just a tiny portion of Tizheruk, the rest of which had gone off on a divergent course in the galaxy.

The Beast Within

After their tours battling Hive Fleet Kraken were over the Falcon Guard returned to New Vinton and the Amarok Regiments returned to Amarok for resupply and conscription. As with any homecoming, there were a number of desertions. It being easy to make one self scarce in the hive cities, only a token effort was put forth to find them. In the months that followed, there was a noted increase in gang activity in Hive City Daikoku that was chalked up to poor working conditions amongst those in the lowest levels of the hive. By the time the Adeptus Arbites finally put down the small rebellion, similar uprisings (of which many were lead by the same deserters from the fight against Hive Fleet Kraken) were occurring in the other hives. Effectively shutting down all outgoing production from Amarok, the Arbites determined they could no longer handle uprisings of such massive numbers and help was requested from the nearby Falcon Guard.

A Shadow Appears

Upon first arrival on Amarok, the situation reminded the Falcon Guard all too much of Hive Fleet Kraken’s original appearance on Ichar IV. They overwhelmed the rebellions and followed their trail deep into the underhive. Each trail ended in much the same way; a cavernous room directly below a ventilation shaft, littered with the corpses of an untold number of hivers. The genestealers struck from the shadows, but were quickly repulsed by the Falcon Guard. Not content to believe the genestealer cult was dealt with, much of the population of the underhive as well as a large number of the workers was culled. Satisfied yet wary, the Falcon Guard left Amarok unaware that genestealers had survived in hostile environs outside the hive cities, particularly disasterous now that their psychic beacon was strong enough to draw the Tyranid Hive Fleet to the Malina System.